The Best Ways to Enjoy Your Cannabis

Getting the best mental and physical benefits out of cannabis greatly depends on the method of consumption, with each consumption method offering a distinct experience with different effects.  There are three primary methods: oral consumption, topical application, and inhalation.  Each method serves a different unique function and is ideal for different occasions.  Here are the different methods, check them out, you might discover a new favorite!



Smoking or inhalation is a general form of consumption.  This method consists of smoking the dry flowers of the cannabis plant.  When the cannabis is burned and inhaled, there is the passage of the smoke into the lungs and is then absorbed into the bloodstream.  The brain instantly responds to the entrance of the cannabinoids into the blood.  Hence, the person inhaling or smoking can expect to feel rather immediate effects when using this method.

Cannabis can be smoked in several ways.  However, it is most commonly smoked in the form of a blunt or a joint, or through a water bong or a glass pipe.

Body Care

In recent time, there has been a rise in the number of cannabis body care products in circulation.  Cannabis salves, roller oils, balms, creams, and lotions are all considered topical forms of application.  By directly applying these products to the surface of the skin, the THC or CBD is directly absorbed through your skin pores.  Most people enjoy using cannabis topical for relieving or soothing restless leg syndrome, arthritis, spasms, migraines and sore muscles.

However, most cannabis body products do not get you “high,” compared to when inhaled.  Also, they are non-psychoactive, but it is highly recommended that the user starts with small amounts as the effect varies from one individual to another.


Vaporizing differs from smoking in that the vapor contains a higher percentage of cannabinoids; hence it extracts the therapeutic ingredients of cannabis at a highly reduced temperature than does burning.  Most users also discover that cannabis lasts longer in the system when vaporized and presents reduced adverse effects compared to smoking.

The market today comprises diverse kinds of vaporizing devices.  The most commonly used ones include portable vaporizer pens, which are suitable for vaping oil, flower or both.  There also exist table-top vaporizers that make use of a very small amount of flower in producing a vapor that is consumed through a tube with a mouthpiece or an inflated bag.



The oral application of cannabis involves the use of a cannabis tincture, which is applied under the tongue.  Tinctures refer to a highly concentrated, cannabinoid filled product usually in the liquid form and are immediately absorbed into the bloodstream, unlike edibles or drinks.  Tinctures sold with a dropper are typically diluted into water or tea, or added into meals.

Though tinctures can be swallowed and digested like an infused product, they are said to have the consistency of oil and are more effective when applied sublingually.


Another common form of consumption is Dabbing.  Dabbing combines elements of smoking and vaporizing.  Instead of having a bowl of flower, dabbing requires a cannabis oil and a heated surface. Once a person places a ‘dab’ of cannabis extract, e.g., wax or hash oil, onto the heated surface, there is a fast melting and vaporization of the concentrate.  Dabbing is not suitable for everyone, due to its high concentration and immediate effects on the body.

For people dealing with severe pain or extreme nausea, dabbing can be one of the most efficient ways to get adequate and immediate relief.


Either mixed with drinks, infusing into butter or oil that is cooked into food, or used in making baked goods and candy, there are several ways of using cannabis for edible purposes.  Eating or drinking cannabis offers significantly different effects, compared to other consumption methods that involve the immediate passage into the bloodstream.

For cannabis edibles, they take longer to produce a physical effect, while providing a longer duration of the therapeutic effects of cannabis.  Depending on the individual consuming it, some edible cannabis can take up to one and half hours to take effect.  Hence, be careful and do not take more than usual, especially when trying out a new product.

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