Using Cannabis Safely

Whether you are new to cannabis or a seasoned stoner, using marijuana is a responsibility not just to yourself but also your community. People are able to use cannabis safely in social environments or at home for relaxation or for therapeutic purposes.

When you integrate your cannabis use into your healthy, well balanced and responsible lifestyle, cannabis can have a positive impact on your body, mind and soul. Like many good things in life, cannabis can be also abused and misused and as the saying goes ‘ too much of a good thing”, can always lead you down difficult roads.

The most popular traditional methods of consuming cannabis were either combusting the flower or a hash resin in a hand-rolled joint or water-cooled pipe known as a bong. Since those early days of recreational cannabis smoking, we have come a long way in delivery mechanisms for cannabis and its user.

Healthier alternatives to smoking cannabis are either using a vaporizer or eating edibles.  Vaporizers are fairly new to the marijuana market but have established themselves as a superior way to inhale healthy cannabinoids given off by either dry herb or cannabis concentrates. Vaporizers simply heat your cannabis product at much lower temperatures than traditional methods which in turn releases vapor from the chamber which you inhale. The benefits of this method of consumption are that you are not inhaling smoke, but a vapor which when entering your mouth is already at a lower temperature, with almost no b-products that are given off with smoking cannabis.

Safety in cannabis is not just about the way you consume cannabis but also what cannabis products you choose to try. Cannabis comes in many forms from dried, cured cannabis flowers through to many different varieties of cannabis concentrates. Concentrates are a popular product of cannabis. Concentrates are developed through vendors using either solvent -r solvent-less methods of cannabinoid attractions. The final product can vary in form and potency, ranging from a just a few percents pure up and until 90% plus pure cannabis.

If you are a first time user you should consider important advice, go low and slow. Cannabis these days can be highly concentrated and it is reported that 1 session of a quality concentrate can be the equivalent of 5 cannabis joints. If you do not know what your tolerance level takes it easy your first time when you experience concentrates. This is probably the best advice if you are smoking flowers or resin either through a bong or a vape-pen.

There are many vape-pens available on the market that allow you to vapor cannabis concentrates easily and efficiently while in the move. This method of consumption is also the most healthy in the long run. A vape correctly stored and recharged can provide hours of puffing pleasure and crystal clear quality highs.

I hope you have a better understanding of come elementary cannabis safety guidelines. Researching  cannabis laws in your state or county are also important before you venture out, knowledge is power.